Branding, Print and Editorial Design

Scott's Miracle-Gro®

Collaborated With:
CBX (NY) design team. Specifically: Pete Chieffo (Associate Creative Director), John Farrar (Design Director), Ted Bachman, and Sergio Cardona

Back Story:
During my internship at CBX (NYC), I was deligated the task of designing a pamphlet that introduces the consumer to a new Scott's Miracle-Gro® product, Gro-Ables™. These Designs are based on the current (2013) Gro-Ables™ branding.

Additional Information:
To learn more about Scott's Miracle-Gro®: Gro-Ables™, please visit their website.

PROCESS WORK Gro-Ables Process
After looking at some inspiration for this project (specifically die cuts and various folds), I proceeded to sketch a few designs, did some rough mock-ups and then went to the computer to further flush out the intial mockups.
Gro-Ables Process
These are the intial directions that were presented to the client.

FINAL DESIGN Gro-Ables Cover
After presenting the intial designs to the client, they decided to go with the z-fold and belly band concept. Here is the front cover of the z-fold pamphlet.
Gro-Ables Front
Front cover and a few spreads of the z-fold pamphlet. The front of the wrap-around belly band is also featured here. It utilizes the Scott's Miracle-Gro® black circle with yellow ring, leaf logo and the Gro-Ables™ fence featured on pack as well.
Gro-Ables Back
This is the back side of the z-fold pamphlet. When the belly band is flipped over, it says "Measure Twice, Plant Once!" and doubles as a ruler to use when planting Gro-Ables™

Here is the Scott's Miracle-Gro®: Gro-Ables™ TV commerical. The pamphlet I designed is shown at 0:50 - 0:53
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