Fine Art and Illustration

Back Story:
Featured here are a few illustrations I've illustrated in either mixed media or digital.

Famous Faces of Hollywood

Back Story:
This project brief called for illustrating a series of famous people that all related to one another. Each illustration was done in a different medium. I chose to do my three favorite actors, Jim Carry, Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp.

Jim Carey
Famous Faces of Hollywood: Jim Carry (prisma color markers)
Meryl Streep
Famous Faces of Hollywood: Meryl Streep (watercolors)
Johnny Depp
Famous Faces of Hollywood: Johnny Depp (acrylic paint)
Famous - All
Famous Faces of Hollywood: When all three illustrations come together, the background billboards to create the Hollywood sign.

Title: Sleepless in Design

Back Story:
The brief for this piece was to do a self portrait that described myself. The concept behind this illustration is a commentary of how designers tend not to sleep normal hours due to staying up all night designing.

"Sleep is optional, graphic design is not." - Anonymous

Graphic Design illustration
Sleepless in Design: This illustration was done in all graphite.
Graphic Design illustration detail
Sleepless in Design: Detail shot of myself trying to get some sleep after a night spent designing.
Graphic Design illustration detail
Sleepless in Design: Detail shot of the graphic design paraphernalia mountain: Adobe Creative Suite icons, Starbucks, electrical cords, pencils, printers, etc.

Lord Pinkerton the Hamster

Back Story:
After inventing and creating a fat gentleman hamster character named Lord Pinkerton, I proceeded to illustrate and environment for him to live in. Lord Pinkerton is a creative hamster that believes he is a circus ringleader of his owner, Claire's, stuffed animals.

Lord Pinkerton: Character Render
Lord Pinkerton the Hamster: Front and profile character views
Lord Pinkerton Scene
Lord Pinkerton the Hamster: Here Lord Pinkerton is pretending to be circus ringleader as his owner, Claire, peaks in the mini circus tent to watch her little hamster's show.
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