Branding, Packaging and Web Design

Back Story:
I invented and branded an apparel company called Kafer (which means beetle in German). I proceeded to design a website and traveler's sewing kit based off of the brand identity.

Company Concept:
Kafer is an apparel company that was created with the needs of a world traveler in mind. It allows travelers to "appear native" and not stand out as a tourist. The website lets you select the country you wish to travel to, view pictures of the common trends there and then lets you pick out and buy a wardrobe designed specifically for you with your destination in mind. Items can either be shipped to your current place of residence or to your destination.

Kafer Logo
Kafer Logo
Kafer Logo
The Kafer logo is flexible and unique to each continent.
Kafer Website
Kafer website: home page
Kafer Taveler's Sewing Kit
This little promo piece is a traveler's sewing kit that comes complimentary with any Kafer order. The zipper pouch is shapped like the Kafer beetle logo and the "wings" unzip to reveal scissors, thimble, needles, and thread. The head of the beetle is stuffed with padding and acts as pin cushion for the needles.
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