Hueston Woods State Park (The Wade Center), World Ocean School, Michael Uselmann (a music director) and Miami University's New York City Alumni Chapter

Back Story:
This is a compilation of 8 different logos I have worked on both in undergrad at Miami University (Polar Pop, Kafer, Veg & Go, and The Wade Center, EHK), my design internship at CBX in NYC (World Ocean School), and freelancing (MU Quad Logo and Miami Alumni NYC).

WOS Logo
The World Ocean School
Polar Pop Logo
Polar Pop (private label soda brand at Circle K)
MU Quad Logo
MU Quad Logo (Client: Michael Uselmann)
Veg & Go Logo
Veg & Go (senior thesis)
Wade Logo
The Wade Center (Client: Hueston Woods State Park in Ohio)
Erin H Killinger Logo
EHK (personal branding for myself, Erin H. Killinger)
Kafer Logo
Kafer: Appear Native (an apparel company for world travelers)
Miami University New York City Alumni Chatper Logo
Miami University New York City Alumni Chapter (Now live on Facebook and Twitter)
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