Branding, Packaging and UI/UX

Senior thesis project at Miami University

Back Story:
Veg & Go provides a convenient way for college students to eat one serving of fresh vegetables while on the go. To receive maximum health benefits, the USDA suggests eating 2.5 to 4 servings of vegetables a day from the following five different vegetable categories: dark green, orange, legumes, starch, and other. Each package is color coded based on these five categories. When the packs come together they create a pentagon, symbolizing the five categories.

The iPhone app tracks your vegetable consumption once you scan the QR code on the pack. Depending on your consumption, you’ll receive a 10-15% off coupon towards future purchases as an incentive to eat more vegetables

VG Banner
Veg & Go branding
VG Packaging
Packaging: front panels
VG Packaging
Packaging: all-panel
VG packaging
When each package comes together, it forms a pentagon shape (reminiscent of the five USDA suggested categories of vegetables that one should eat from).
VG Vending
Veg & Go vending machines would be on college campuses (for example) for easy access for consumers.
VG Vending Poster Detail
Inforgraphic (full and detail shots) about what vegetables to eat
VG App
Veg & Go iPhone app (main pages): log in, personal account and Veggie Tracker
VG App
Veg & Go iPhone app: personal account screen, coupons and product store
VG App
Veg & Go iPhone app: Veggie Tracker screen, QR code scanner and charts about your personal veggie consumption
VG Thesis Exhibit
My senior thesis exhibit
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